Jan 14, 2014

γεια μας! Dérive app now in Greek

Dérive app is now available in Greek, courtesy of Maria and Alex from the Athens Plaython.

Alex is a flâneur and an observer, mingling among the anonymous masses when he is not playing or localizing games. He likes nothing more than to wander the chaotic streets with a book in his hand. Maria experiences the city as a playground in a state of flux. She is a researcher at the University of Athens (playful interactions, pervasive games and serious games for users with and
without disabilities) and a co-founder of Athens Plaython. She loves curating playful events and workshops.

Athens Plaython is a street games festival and vibrant community, transforming the city of Athens into a giant playground. In 2013, Athens Plaython brought together about 2000 people in the streets, hosted sold out workshops and conferences while including events from some of Europes’ best street theaters and game collectives. Athens Plaython community organizes regular play meetups, street game experiences and game design workshops for all.

Thanks guys!

Photo by Flicker user Aster-oid.