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Dérive app in Da Vinci

Dérive App made it into Programa Da Vinci. See the post (in Portuguese).

Dérive app on

Dérive app on 20minutos. Read the article here.

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Paris deck

Eduardo has been working on the Paris deck and it’s now online. Fire up Dérive app to take a look.

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Paris deck on the way

Work is underway on the Paris deck. Stay tuned.

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Deriving An Imaginary City

Dérive app is part of the Dériving An Imaginary City exhibition on Art Micro Patronage curated by Andre Venell. I will be giving a short talk tomorrow about the project, its genesis, influences and future development.

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Dérive app at Fondazione Pistoletto

On the 1st of October, Dérive app, was shown as part of the UNIDEE in Progress open day at the Fondazione Pistoletto, Biella, Italy. The unveiling was also the online launch of the site and all downloadable content for the open source Dérive project where users can download all the documents required to create their own …

Dérive App Video

A short video explaining the background and workings of Dérive app (1.0). Subtitles in English, Italian and Portuguese are available.

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Derive App Video – Behind the Scenes

A photographic impression of the hard work this week for making the Dérive app video.