September 9 is Derive Day. Join people from all over the world and discover your city in a more random way, like a game. Whether you’re in New York or New South Wales, Santiago or Shanghai, everyone gets the same tasks at the same time, with each task nudging you into a different kind of discovery. Download Dérive app (iOS, Android) and get a little bit lost in your city. (more…)

San Francisco based artist Astrid Kaemmerling kicks off The Walk Discourse, a series of walkshops, in and around the San Francisco bay area, on September 9, Dérive Day 2017, by hosting a shared dérive as part of Dérive Day. 

The Walk Discourse will host a walkshop every second Saturday of the month, from September 2017 until April 2018, where walkshops last anywhere between 2-4 hours. Dérive Day 2017 will kick off this first year of The Walk Discourse programming.

We’re very excited to work together with Astrid on Dérive Day. The Walk Discourse is a perfect match for Dérive Day. (more…)