Dérive app can be easily extended with decks of task cards created by you.

What tasks can they be?

Tasks should be general when considering a specific city, picking up on unique cultural, visual or physical aspects of the place. Examples could be:

  • Follow a Mini-Bus Taxi
  • Move Towards the River
  • Take a seat in a park
  • Find a Tree

The tasks should not be so specific that they only have one direction. For example “Find 23 Commisionner Street”, “Go to Notre Dame Cathedral” or “Take tram 50” would be too specific.

General and City card differences

Dérive app consists of several general decks of urban tasks, which contain directives that could be used across multiple urban spaces. These cards are then combined with whichever unique cards are created for a city.
As an invitee to create cards for a specific city, your quest is to create tasks that are specific to that city and could change the journey of the application user. General tasks created could also be added to one of the general decks.

How to create your task cards

  • Conjure up your own tasks.
  • Illustrate and/or create collages for them, either by hand or on a computer.

Managing a group

Download Dérive app and log in. Start a group and add your deck.