Make your own deck

Dérive app can be easily extended with decks of task cards created by you.

Three different types of decks

You can create three different types of decks. Each has slightly different tasks.

  • Location specific decks, for example a ‘Paris’ deck.
  • Themed decks, for example an ‘Environmental Health’ deck.
  • Base decks.

What tasks should you include?

Location specific decks typically would have tasks related to the unique cultural, visual or physical aspects of the location the deck relates to.

Themed decks would, naturally, have cards that relate to the theme of your deck, which, typically, would not only be applicable to a small range of urban settings.

Base decks should contain cards that, in principle, are relevant anywhere. Examples of cards like these are:

  • Follow a mini-bus taxi
  • Move towards a body of water
  • Take a seat in a park
  • Find a Tree

Generally speaking, task cards should not be so specific that they only have one specific outcome, like “Find 23 Commisionner Street” or “Go to Notre Dame Cathedral”.

How to create your task cards

  • Decide on the type of deck you want to create.
  • Conjure up your own tasks.
  • Illustrate and/or create collages for your tasks, either by hand or on a computer.

Public and private decks

Within Dérive app, a number of decks are available to every user. But, anyone can add decks and cards. The decks and cards that you create, are only available to you and the people you invite.

A quick walkthrough for setting up your own deck of task cards

  1. Download Dérive app to your mobile device.
  2. Register and log in.
  3. Visit the online administration interface. Log in.
  4. Create a new group.
  5. Create a new deck for your new group.
  6. Add cards for your new deck.
  7. Set art work for your cards.