What is Dérive app

Dérive app is created as a simple but engaging platform that allows users to explore their urban spaces in a care-free and casual way. It takes the ideals of the Situationists and merges it with digital means in order to create a tool that would imply an exploration of urban space in a random unplanned way as a game. Too often in urban centers we are controlled by our day to day activities thus closing off urban experiences that exist around us. Dérive app was created to try to nudge those people who are in this repetitive cycle to allow the suggestions and subjectivities of others to enter into their urban existences.

The active engagement of communities in their urban spaces unleashes in them new understanding of their urban surroundings, to open up channels of dialogue between individuals and groups through a device that makes the unpacking of urban space part of a game. The task cards that are dealt are created with the intention of heightening the experience of the city for the user, by calling them out to search for specific architectural, urban or social points of interest, thus allowing users of the application to see their urban spaces in a different light.

Besides the Situationists, inspiration came from, amongst others, Near Future Laboratory and UrbanWorks.

General and City card differences

Derive app offers several decks of general urban tasks. These decks contains all directives that could be used across multiple urban spaces. The cards can be combined with whichever unique cards are created for a city.

Groups and custom decks

You can help us expand Dérive app by creating your own deck of task cards and managing your own group of players.


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