Dérive Day – 19 January 2013

On the 19th of January 2013, explore your city with others around the world using randomly generated tasks that are simultaneously drawn whether you’re in Cairo or Kampala, Manila or Madrid.

Participating cities: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Brussels, Budapest, Bonn, Cairo, Cologne, Delft, Helsinki, Hobart, Johannesburg, Kampala, London, Los Angeles, Luxembourg, Melbourne, Manila, Madrid, New York, Paris, Singapore, Seattle, Sofia, Stockholm, Toronto, Rotterdam.

Dérive Day is held with the help of Veronica Yow, who initiated the event and is coordinating with users around the world. A bit more about Veronica Yow:

Originally from Malaysia and having lived in Melbourne, Cairo and now in Kampala, Veronica is an intrepid traveler who’s always after some adventure through social experiments that seek to understand just a little bit more of what connects people and what matters to people. Veronica was very much attracted to the idea of Derive, exploring the urban space with a few friends all in different cities and seeing what they each discover on Jan 19th! (Veronica can be found online on her tumblr page here)

We are happy to have people join from across the world, and will for sure have some surprises in store during Dérive day. See the Facebook event page

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