A physical deck, for teams

Do you just want to download the material to print a physical deck, created as part of a Harvard MIT class? Just scroll down.

Over the past year, I’ve been a Nieman affiliate at Harvard, thanks to my wife.

Part of my time, here, has been spent on familiarising myself with newer tech, in relation to web, and mobile, development. This, specifically, in classes run by Bakhtiar Mikhak.

Due to the US government’s reluctance in issuing me a visa, all my classes were online, and hosted by the Harvard Extension School.

One exception was a class hosted by MIT. This class, ‘Emotional Intelligence for Teams’, with Jane Abbot as the instructor,, is unique in that half the students are inmates, prisoners, and half the classes are ‘inside’. However, due to COVID, at the start of the 2021 academic year, this class was going to be online, too.

I had signed up, but because of the connection with inmates, an FBI background check was required. As I was still hopeful, back in August, that a visa might quickly be issued, not wanting to jinx it, I decided to refrain from continuing with this class, at that time.
However, in January, when I was no longer expecting to get the visa, I figured ‘what the heck’, and signed up.

This class, as opposed to working with inmates close to Boston, the ‘inside students’ were juveniles and based in Maine. Too far to participate with in-person, this class was also fully online. And, due to our counterparts being juveniles, no FBI background check was required.

The class focussed on building emotional intelligence by having the diverse students work together. Part of this process involved, in small teams, completing a project which focussed on the learnings of the class itself.

We had started with the idea of a card game resembling Cards Against Humanity, and this evolved into a perfect fit for Dérive app.

So, a new deck, available to the world, is “Taking it Easy”. Enjoy. It’s got 52 cards, a lovely addition to Dérive app.

What’s more, I got the deck printed, in part as a physical reminder for myself, in part as a gift for some of the people involved.

You can also print the deck; The material is below. The cards are designed to be printed on pre-cut paper, specifically this product available on Amazon. The paper is US Letter size (8.5×11 inch).
If you print on a HP Deskjet 1112 (which I did), you have to set the scaling to 100%, such that unprintable margins are avoided.

The native files are .pxd, which is Pixelmator‘s native file format.

Babak Fakhamzadeh

Babak has been fighting the corporate map for decades.

In 2021, he became the first person to win the World Summit Awards for the third time.


What is Dérive app

Dérive app gets you lost in your city and lets you share that experience with others. Build your own task cards and invite others to play with you.

Immersed on the path of the gospel

Angela Reinders is based in Aachen, in Germany, and recently used Dérive app as part of a liturgical service. She’s providing a writeup of her experience. Getting hints and tasks to stop and move without even moving, does this make any sense? Sounds like kind of a play, and yes, it is one: Following famous