Introducing ‘walking scores’

Over the last few years, several artists and academics have started to use the term ‘walking score’ to describe a set list of tasks, facilitating an exploration, in whatever setting. A walking score is, in essence, a curated dérive, as we know it over here, with the difference that it can be started at any time. And, by implication, each individual task is not bound by a certain start- and end-time.

As of today, we are introducing walking scores into Dérive app.

At the moment, walking scores are connected to a group, and only group admins and editors can create scores. All members of the group can ‘play’ a walking score.
A score is a set collection of tasks, with each task being ‘set’ for a certain amount of time. When all tasks have been walked through, or played, the walking score ends.

As with regular dérives, players can leave notes and images.

Babak Fakhamzadeh

Babak has been fighting the corporate map for decades.

In 2021, he became the first person to win the World Summit Awards for the third time.


What is Dérive app

Dérive app gets you lost in your city and lets you share that experience with others. Build your own task cards and invite others to play with you.

Immersed on the path of the gospel

Angela Reinders is based in Aachen, in Germany, and recently used Dérive app as part of a liturgical service. She’s providing a writeup of her experience. Getting hints and tasks to stop and move without even moving, does this make any sense? Sounds like kind of a play, and yes, it is one: Following famous