Join us for Dérive Day 2017

On 9 September 2017, explore your city with others around the world through randomly generated and synchronised tasks that are simultaneously drawn whether you’re in Rio or Rome, Kampala or Kuala Lumpur.

After too long a hiatus, Dérive Day is back on September 9, 2017. Join us, wherever you are in the world.
Learn more about the event here, and let us know you’re joining on Facebook.

Dérive Day 2017 will tie in with the 4th World Congress on Psychogeography, hosted by the University of Huddersfield at Heritage Quay.

For Dérive Day, we will introduce the concept of ‘hosted dérives’; A number of times during the day, you will be able to join a ‘hosted dérive’, where all participants are presented the exact same task cards at exactly the same time, wherever they are in the world. The resulting divergent experiences, will be testimony to your own unique views and your own unique location.

Stay tuned, keep track of what’s the latest on Dérive Day, here.

What is Dérive app

Dérive app gets you lost in your city and lets you share that experience with others. Build your own task cards and invite others to play with you.

Workshop: Beat a Situationist. At his own game.

On September 25, together with walk · listen · create, Cona, and Pro Arts, we are hosting a full day hybrid workshop called Beat a Situationist. At his own Game.