The tweaks are in

We’re making the experience of using Dérive app a better one, as we’re ramping up for Dérive Day on September 9. Here’s what’s changed and improved in Dérive app.

See who contributes to a group

For the groups you have access to, you can now see who has been contributing by tapping the user avatars at the bottom of the group description. This will also show you who are admins and moderators for the group.

So, groups can have mods

If you run a group, you can set anyone who has contributed to any of your decks as a moderator for your group. Only users who use Facebook to log in to Dérive app can become moderators.

Mods can help you manage submissions for custom decks that admins have created within a group. Mods also can start a hosted dérive. 

Your time zone, your time

Based on your location, we now deduce your time zone. Your time zone needs to be set to participate in a hosted dérive. Your time zone is shown on Dérive app’s start page, next to the weather forecast.

Add cards you love to your own decks

If you are able to add cards to a deck, perhaps because you are an admin or mod of a group, or because a group you are a member of has opened up contributions to its decks, you can now include existing cards that you have loved/liked. You love/like a card by clicking the heart button when you’re doing a dérive and you’re presented with a task card.

What’s your status?

Dérive app now shows you a little status update, in the bottom right of the screen, when synchronisation is happening in the background.

Create hosted dérives (yes!)

If you are an admin or mod of a group, you can create hosted dérives. If your group is not public, your hosted dérives are only available to your group members. if your group is public, users have to join your group before they can join a hosted dérive.

Babak Fakhamzadeh

Babak has been fighting the corporate map for decades.

In 2021, he became the first person to win the World Summit Awards for the third time.


What is Dérive app

Dérive app gets you lost in your city and lets you share that experience with others. Build your own task cards and invite others to play with you.

Immersed on the path of the gospel

Angela Reinders is based in Aachen, in Germany, and recently used Dérive app as part of a liturgical service. She’s providing a writeup of her experience. Getting hints and tasks to stop and move without even moving, does this make any sense? Sounds like kind of a play, and yes, it is one: Following famous