Wander the streets on September 29

Join us, wandering the world on September 29, and see things differently.

We are joining Street Wisdom in the global World Wide Wander, fostering creativity, to see the world differently, and to look for, and perhaps even find, answers in the world around us, to the questions we ask ourselves.

September 29 is this year’s date for the World Wide Wander. With six sessions on six continents, we will be wandering during this 12-hour Wanderthon. From 8am (UK) to 8pm (UK), there will be an online live-streamed programme of 6 walkshops in 6 continents which anyone can join from anywhere. Each session will consist of a warm up, during the first half hour, followed by the walkshop itself for an hour, ending with a special guest in the last bit.

In the context of the World Wide Wander, a walkshop is a guided walking workshop, led by a facilitator who coaches you through the wonder-sparking practice. You can use your phone out on the street, or inside your home.

The walkshops will have three parts:

  • Tune up: A series of short exercises that are designed to “tune-up” your senses so you can tune in to the world around you.
  • Quest: Here you choose a question you would like some fresh thinking on and then set off in search of insights, ideas and answers, looking for signs and signals from the streets or space you explore.
  • Share: Everyone gathers back together again and shares insights or listens to others.

Once you’ve made yourself comfortable with the technique, you can use the practice again and again on your own.

The event is fully hosted online, though many participants will be on the streets of their town while taking part.

From Dérive app, Babak will be prominently participating in the final walk of the day, centred on São Paulo. Here’s the full list of events:

  • Melbourne. 8am (UK), 5pm (Melbourne).
  • Bangalore. 10am (UK), 2:30pm (India).
  • Nairobi. 12pm (UK), 2pm (Kenya).
  • New York. 2pm (UK), 9am (New York).
  • Berlin. 4pm (UK), 5pm (CEST).
  • São Paulo. 6pm (UK), 2pm (São Paulo).

Sounds good? Register today to join us for any session! Though we’d like it if you’d join us for the São Paulo session!

You can participate from the comfort of your own home, or head out onto the streets.

If you’re going for a walk, make sure you’ve got the Zoom app on your phone, and remember to fully charge your phone. You’ll receive the link, just before the 29th September 2023. It would be great, but not necessary, if you can share your camera, so we can see you. 
During your wander, switch your camera outwards and then we can all see a bit of your world.

Sounds good? Great! Register here, learn more about the World Wide Wander here, and more about Street Wisdom here. We’re hosting the São Paulo session together wit walk · listen · create. Check them out, if you haven’t already.

If you can’t wait, sign up for one of Street Wisdom’s wanders between now and September, here.

See you on the 29th of September?

Babak Fakhamzadeh

Babak has been fighting the corporate map for decades.

In 2021, he became the first person to win the World Summit Awards for the third time.


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